Project Orpheus

Orpheus – building resilience to extremism

Project Orpheus worked with other coastal cities and universities within France, Belgium and Netherlands to develop online and offline methods to build resilience to radicalisation within young people. The project focused on strengthening online safety measures, including tackling misinformation, and has developed a prevention model for violent extremism. A number of training products have been developed to help youth workers, educators and other professionals working with young people deal with challenges related to extremism, grooming, fake news, inclusiveness,  both offline and online. Home (

Locally, over 240 young people have received online awareness and resilience training; over 110 have participated in safe space activities; frontline workers have received relevant training on managing difficult discussions and online safety. Each of these cohorts have delivered their targets in increasing awareness and confidence.

Orpheus project has been highlighted as a national good practice LGA case study – please see link –

Project Orpheus: Building resilience to online extremism in Portsmouth | Local Government Association