Sexual Offences

Why this is a priority:

There has been an increase in police recordings of sexual offences and rape, however there has been a decrease in the proportion resulting in a formal outcome. Police analysis has found that the main driver has been victim disengagement particularly for victims who were reluctant to report in the first place. The most common compliant from victims was that the process is too long.

What we know:

The most common types of offence reported were sexual assault 26%, rape 24%, distribution/take/make or publish indecent photos of a child 12%.

The peak age range for victims was 12-20 with women most likely to be victims 82%. The peak age range for offenders was 14-22 years with 88% being males.

When the victim gave details about the offender 70% were known and 30% strangers.

According to police analysis nearly 40% of sexual offences across Hampshire are domestic related – increasing to 50% of rapes in Portsmouth

What we are prioritising over the next two years:

  • Work with the Police to develop missing and edge of care services –   co-location pilot – with particular focus on child exploitation.