Step up for women’s safety

Sexual violence begins long before you think it does – underlying beliefs and attitudes towards women in our society have made certain behaviours seem ‘trivial’ or acceptable.

Have you ever seen someone getting unwanted attention on the bus or in a bar and not known how to help? Perhaps you’ve felt uncomfortable speaking out when someone tells a sexist joke? Maybe you’re worried about your own behaviour.

We can all play a part in tackling violence against women and girls. Let’s take a stand together and stop letting others get away with harmful behaviours – even those that might seem ‘trivial’ – to help stop abuse.

How you can help

There are safe ways to step in if you see or hear something that isn’t right. These actions don’t have to be dramatic or confrontational and you don’t need to put yourself or others in danger. Even small acts of recognition and support will make a difference.

Visit the government’s ‘enough’ campaign website for advice on:

  • Signs to look out for
  • Intervening safely
  • Reporting abuse

By reading this advice and being prepared you can be ready to react safely and calmly if you see someone being harassed or abused.

Worried about your own or someone else’s behaviour?

It is not ok to make suggestive or sexual comment when they’re clearly unwelcome, or to tell jokes about things like rape, follow or track someone, or share intimate photos without permission – including sending your own to someone before they have said it’s OK.

Find out what you can do if you’re worried about your own behaviour or want to help someone you know.

We also have Safe and Strong artwork on display in various locations across the city. Thank you to ThaT group for contributing to the one on the billboards outside Portsmouth and Southsea train station.