Modern Day Slavery and Exploitation

What is Modern Day Slavery?

Slavery remains a terrible reality for millions of people across the world today and there is a strong chance that people living in your neighbourhood are being exploited and controlled by others.

What is the picture in Hampshire?

In Hampshire and the Isle of Wight  35 adults and 5 children, of 13 different nationalities – including British – were recognised as potential victims of trafficking in 2014. Many more are likely to be living in exploitative circumstances by human traffickers but are too afraid to seek help or support from statutory organisations such as the police.

What can I do?

Be aware that slavery may exist in your neighbourhood, in your business, in your community, and in your county. Those trapped within slavery may attend the same school as your children, they may be cooking your food at the local restaurant, they may be painting your nails at the local nail bar, or they may be packing the fruit you eat. It is everyone’s responsibility to look for slavery and report any suspicions or incidents – working together, we can stop it happening.

Spot the signs of Modern Day Slavery

The signs of Modern Day Slavery can be some of the following:


May be bruised or in unsuitable clothes for the weather. May not have access to clean clothes. May appear malnourished.

Restricted movement

May not have their own travel documents for example passports or driving licences. May be dropped off and picked up from work.

Quiet, shy/ reluctant to talk

Avoids eye contact is reluctant to talk, looks to a third party to answer for them.

More information

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