Is This Love Portsmouth Quiz

Take the Is This Love Portsmouth Quiz below and see if your relationship is healthy. Advice and support are available from Stop Domestic Abuse. If you are in danger always call 999.

Black text on a pink background. Do you... feel safe, feel listened to and valued, have fun, trust each other, have the freedom to do your own thing, have time to see your friends and family, know that your opinions are respected? If you answered yes to these questions it is a sign your relationship is healthy.

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You could read our page on how to help a friend or family member if their relationship is unhealthy

Black text on a green background. Do they tell you they love you and then: check your phone, stop you from going out, stop you seeing your friends and family, tell you what to wear, criticise you, call you names, hurt you? If you answered yes to any of these questions your relationship may be unhealthy and you should talk to a trusted friend or adult.

Or for advice and support, you can contact Stop Domestic Abuse at or call them on 023 9206 5494

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Always call 999 if you are in immediate danger