Hate Crime

Hate crime is when someone is victimised because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.

What do we know

Nationally, hate crime has been increasing year on year since 2013 and this has been at least partly attributed to greater awareness in reporting hate crimes and better recording practices. In 2020, race hate crime is the most commonly identified hate strand and accounted for 72% of hate crime nationally.  Locally, there has also been a gradual overall upward trend in recorded hate crime.

Why this is a priority

There has been an increase in hate crime incidents reported to the police. Month by month analysis has shown increases in hate crime during and following the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in June and July after the death of George Floyd in America in May 2020.

What will we prioritise for the next two years:

        • Work with schools to identify and record hate crime

Do you need support?

Hate crime is a crime and should be reported to the police.