Up2U Service

Up2U is a service for people who use domestically abusive/ unhealthy behaviours in their relationships.

The service is a partnership between Stop Domestic Abuse, formerly (SDAS), and Portsmouth City Council and has received funding from the National Lottery and the Home Office.

Any agency can refer and we encourage self-referrals. Referral criteria are that clients acknowledge abusive/ unhealthy behaviours and want to change.

The service consists of two referral pathways, all clients will receive a full up2u assessment and then, as the service is currently being evaluated by a Random controlled trial (RCT), they will be allocated to either the programme or community support.

The programme recognises that people use domestically abusive behaviours for different reasons, including:

      • power and control
      • learned behaviour
      • attitudes which promote male dominance
      • lack of emotional management skills
      • poor conflict resolution skills.

Therefore, the programme can be tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances.

Community Support

The community support comes in the form of a weekly drop-in where clients are supported with issues surrounding:

      • Mental health/Substance Misuse
      • Employment/Education
      • Housing/Benefits
      • Family Support/Counselling

Up2U Service

This service is for individuals who use domestically abusive/ unhealthy behaviours and would like to change.

      • the programme can range from six sessions to 40 sessions, with the option of extended sessions where risk and need indicate
      • for very high-risk individuals sessions can be delivered two times per week
      • the delivery method can vary between group and 1-2-1; many people cannot access or may be disruptive in a group environment.

Partners and ex-partners are also offered support through the programme to receive safety planning and risk management advice.

How can I join?

If you live in Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport or Havant and accept that you use abusive or unhealthy behaviours in your relationships and demonstrate a want to change you can contact Up2U. Up2U will accept both males and females, from the age of 16, including those in same-sex relationships. In addition, if it is identified and evidenced that both members of a couple use unhealthy and abusive behaviours then a referral can be made to Up2U for both individuals. Each will be assessed individually and the programme pathway will be tailored to their individual needs, however please note they will not be worked with as a couple.

The Up2U Family Intervention programme

This service is for those living in the North of Portsmouth and works with high-risk families, offering support for parents, children and young people alongside intervention work with the parents who use domestically unhealthy/abusive behaviours. Up2U hopes to break the cycles of unhealthy/abusive behaviour for the whole family.


      • to reduce the incidents of domestic violence,
      • to prevent the cycle of abuse,
      • to reduce the numbers of children in child protection services, edge of care and/ or children in care.

“I feel like I have more control. I used to lose my temper really quickly, but now Iā€™m much calmer.”

Dan, parent

Phone: 023 92437608

E-mail: up2u@portsmouthcc.gov.uk