SPP Plan 2018-20 ASB Updates March 2019

We will:

  • Work more closely with Southampton
  • UPDATE March 2019 This work is being taken forward by the Health and Wellbeing Board.
  • Overcome barriers to services sharing the right information and prioritising the needs of the client over the organisation
  • UPDATE March 2019 This work is being taken forward by the Health and Wellbeing Board.
  • Develop and deliver a rough sleeping strategy for the city, which is likely to include a night shelter all year round, a rough sleeping support team, and locally developed data system to identify, support and track the small cohort of vulnerable people that continue to cause concern in the community.
  • UPDATE March 2019 Complete – strategy now in place. Night shelter used by approx. 400 individual people since March 2018 and data system being developed. 
  • Revise contract specification and re-commission supported housing and homelessness services in line with recommendations from a detailed review focused on the experience of customers.
  • UPDATE March 2019 Complete – contracts tendered and awarded to Two Saints 
  • Continue to develop a pathway for people with low level mental health needs, increasing the use of peer support from the voluntary sector.
  • UPDATE March 2019Portsmouth CCG in partnership with Solent Mind, Solent NHS and Portsmouth CC, are creating a different approach to supporting good mental health and wellbeing in the city by expanding and evolving the offer of the existing Wellbeing Centre.  The aim is to build an open access universal service (over 18 yrs) positioned as a first stop alternative to primary care for people with social based crises and distress.  Providing a range of holistic and person centred support which may prevent an escalation of need and the use of secondary care services.  It is expected that most people who use the Wellbeing House will not have been in contact with secondary care mental health services. 
  • Develop a psychiatric decision-making unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital and the emotionally unstable personality disorder pathway.
  • UPDATE March 2019 The Psychiatric decision unit now named the Mental health Assessment Unit (MHAU) which will be based within the existing confines of ED is progressing, with partners working towards a clear service offer. There is currently no agreed date of opening. The EUPD pathway has progressed and now reflects more a pathway which covers Emotional dysregulation to ensure it supports those who do not have a formal diagnosis of EUPD. Work continues and further meetings to progress are scheduled for February.  
  • Continue to work with all service providers to improve the experience of the clients with the most prevalent co-existing issues – substance misuse, mental health and housing.
  • UPDATE March 2019 This work is being taken forward by the Health and Wellbeing Board. Case matching is on hold pending return to work of information sharing officer after six leave
  • Deliver a comprehensive needs assessment for the armed forces community (including veterans) and support the development of local services in both voluntary and statutory sectors, to address those needs.
  • UPDATE March 2019 Completed in August 2018 and published on the local web pages. Approx. 40 recommendations being taken forward by sub-groups of the Solent Armed Forces Partnership Board.

More information

The Health and Wellbeing Board has included this work in its strategic plan in order to underline the importance of this work, providing additional support from city leaders responsible for health and social care.