Portsmouth Women’s Refuge

The Portsmouth Women’s Refuge service provides safe, confidential accommodation for up to 16 women and their children fleeing domestic abuse.

The Portsmouth Women’s Refuge offers support to help families gain the skills and confidence needed to move on to appropriate, secure accommodation where they can live their lives free from abuse.


The service is available to men and women living within Portsmouth City to provide individuals with options and choices, enabling them to make informed decisions about their futures.

Portsmouth Women’s Refuge Referrals

Referrals can be made direct by the individual as well as professional agencies.

The Refuge service can accept women (aged 16+) and their children up to age 16 who are fleeing domestic abuse.

The Outreach service can accept men and women experiencing domestic abuse who live within the Portsmouth area.

Please telephone 023 92 065494 for assistance, advice or to make a referral or email  info@stopdomesticabuse.uk

Please note that the location of the refuge is confidential.