Is This Love Portsmouth

Our Is This Love Portsmouth campaign runs in schools and colleges across Portsmouth. It has been running since 2014. The campaign is usually run in February around Saint Valentine’s Day.

The Is This Love Portsmouth campaign, prompts children to think about how their friends and or boyfriends/ girlfriends treat them. It asks questions such as “Do they check your phone?”. The key message is that healthy relationships are about trust and mutual respect and not about power and control. By focusing on healthy behaviours in relationships early on we hope to prevent domestically abusive behaviours later in life.

We use posters sites around the city, especially near schools and colleges. The schools display posters and run assemblies about healthy relationships.

Each child receives an Is This Love Portsmouth quiz on a scratch card asking them to assess their relationships and teachers are on hand to deal with any issues raised and signpost to local services if required. The young people also receive a branded pen which reminds them throughout the year to keep an eye on healthy behaviours in relationships.

We have received positive feedback about the campaign from a range of sources. The posters and scratchcards are also used in a range of community settings such as community centres, doctors surgeries, pubs and clubs and housing offices. The Portsmouth Domestic Violence and Abuse Strategy Dec 2017 highlights the need to have publicity campaigns to help prevent Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Stop Domestic Abuse’s children and young people workers are available to support, schools, children and families where appropriate.

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Is This Love

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