Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

Often action to tackle anti-social behaviour is only possible because of witnesses reporting when incidents take place. Reports of anti-social behaviour also allows us to target areas and direct resources where they are needed most.

So if you witness any incidents of nuisance or anti-social behaviour in this area, please report it.

It is important to note that you should call 101 or 999 if you feel like yourself or someone else is at harm or if you feel unsafe

In order to get the appropriate response, please see below to find which organisational team to report it to.

Report the following to Hampshire Constabulary:

      • unruly and drunken behaviour
      • street drinking
      • threatening and abusive language in a public place
      • aggressive begging
      • drug dealing or persistent criminal behaviour
      • racial harassment
      • homophobic harassment
      • vandalism

If you have experienced any of these types of anti social behaviour, please report them to the police online. You can also use the 101 number to call the police directly. 

If you feel that you have experienced anti social behaviour due to your race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, disability of religion, Hampshire Constabularly recommend that you call 101. If you prefer not to, you can still report online.

Reporting to Portsmouth City Council

We recommend that you report the following types of anti social behaviour below to Portsmouth City Councils report page.

      • flytipping
      • noise nuisance
      • graffiti
      • litter
      • dog fouling

Or you can call Portsmouth City Council help desk on 023 9283 4092 to report it if you prefer.

Is it an emergency? 

If you feel like the situation could get heated or violent and if you feel like someone is immediate danger or you need support right away please call 999.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, use Hampshire Constabulary’s textphone service 18000 or text them on 999 if you have pre-registered with the emergencySMS service

Tips for reporting anti social behaviour

It will be helpful if you make a note of the following:

      • date and time of the incident
      • location of incident
      • what the person or people have done
      • description of the person or people involved – number of people, their sex, height, build, colour and length of hair, distinguishing marks, ethnicity, clothing, name or nicknames if known
      • any other witnesses
      • how the incident has affected you or others