Domestic Abuse Plan and Updates

Domestic Abuse Plan 2020-2023 and Updates March 2019

To read our Domestic Abuse Strategy for Portsmouth 2020-2023 please click here

  • Develop the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference process to ensure that those most at risk are receiving the right response
  • UPDATE March 2019 Partners have agreed to move to daily MARAC’s where children are involved and retain fortnightly MARAC’s or reduce these to monthly where there are no children. This approach has been trialled in Southampton and Hampshire and will be piloted for 6 months. Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019
  • Increase the use of processes and resources to hold perpetrators to account
  • UPDATE March 2019 With extra funding from the government we have developed our processes to pilot a different way of working with those who use unhealthy behaviours in their relationships. The demand on the police remains significant and to improve their response they are moving resource to focus more on those who perpetrate abuse.   Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019
  • Improve links between police and schools when children experience or witness domestic violence and abuse
  • UPDATE 2019 Operation Encompass has been in place since September 2017. This ensures police inform schools of any incident of domestic abuse the previous evening to increase support to the child. The police are currently liaising with schools to evaluate this. 
  • Commissioners of all public services to ensure all contracts set out clearly the expectations of providers in relation to the identification and response to domestic violence and abuse
  • UPDATE March 2019 Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019

Self Help and Early Intervention

      • Develop capacity amongst non-specialist services to identify and respond to victims of domestic abuse
      • UPDATE March 2019 Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019
      • Embed systems within schools to ensure all children develop an understanding of healthy relationships
      • UPDATE March 2019 The SPP communications officer has delivered the ‘Is this Love?’ campaign in schools across the city every year since 2014. Plans to evaluate the impact are being developed. Also see previous items about PSHE and the implementation of new Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education in September 2020.
      • All agencies to have more confidence to understand and manage the competing needs of victims and children including early years to enhance attachments and opportunities for young people to increase awareness and choices around healthy relationships
      • UPDATE March 2019 Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019
      • Continue to deliver comprehensive targeted publicity campaigns
      • UPDATE March 2019 Is this Love?’ adult campaign delivered across the city (posters, radio spots, and social media) during Xmas and New Year 2018/19. Campaign targeted at young people was delivered around Valentine’s Day in February 2019. Work underway to evaluate the reach and impact of these long standing awareness raising campaigns.
      • Support families to feel more confident
      • UPDATE March 2019 Subject to Partnership Service Review June 2019
      • Continue to encourage self-help by publicising information and advice on the SPP site and awareness raising communications campaigns
      • UPDATE March 2019 See above re awareness raising campaigns. New information added to SPP website here: