Community Partnership Information Forms

If you notice suspicious activity then it you can report it to the police using a Community Partnership Information form.  Non-urgent but useful community intelligence can be submitted to  Hampshire police by partner agencies on Community Partnership Information Forms (CPI forms).

Please click here for further information and guidance from the dedicated Safe4me CPI page which includes the form, information and guidance about completing the form and advice about managing confidentiality.

Crimes should be reported directly on 999 but intelligence can be reported using a CPI form. In an emergency please always call 999

Things like multiple people coming in and out of a property, cars pulling up for short periods outside a property, children who appear to be vulnerable and are hanging about with adults who they don’t appear to be related to or any other suspicious activity that you believe would help us build up a picture of risk or criminal activity can be helpful. Submitting things you have seen or heard on Community Partnership Information Forms helps us to build intelligence  on perpetrators and locations of interest.