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Young People

Our aim: To make Portsmouth a place where young people can grow up in a healthy and safe environment, where they all have every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

SPPopenWe have made good progress towards achieving our plans to reduce the number of young offenders and offences. Our data tell us there are a small number of young people who are committing a high number of offences and we have set up processes to address this.SPPclose

Portsmouth’s young people are the future of the city and its reassuring to know that only 3% were convicted of a criminal offence last year.

Our work over the last 7 years has seen a reduction in youth crime of over 24% and we will continue to focus on early intervention and protection for young people and their families that diverts them from entering the criminal justice system.

We passionately believe that all children deserve the best start in life and we will work tirelessly to ensure that Portsmouth Children have access to opportunity and expectations are high for them.

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