Making Every Contact Count (MECC) Training


Public Health Portsmouth offer a range of training courses which are free for any of the Portsmouth PO1-PO6 workforce who work with Portsmouth residents and are part of a not for profit organisation. Courses include Sexual Health, Sunstance Misuse, Food Health and Food Hygiene, Early Years, Mental Health, Supporting Independence and Making Every Contact Count (MECC).

Please note some courses still have a small resources fee attached, i.e. £15 for MHFA manual and those not meeting the above criteria can still access the training for their team at a cost.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) encourages conversations based on behaviour change methodologies (ranging from brief advice, to more advanced behaviour change techniques) to empower healthier lifestyle choices and explore the wider social determinants that influence health. Everyone who comes into contact with members of the public has the opportunity to have a conversation to improve health. The wider workforce is then jointly responsible for addressing Public Health issues by identifying cues to action and the opportunity to undertake the appropriate way forward in their practice.

MECC training offers the chance to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to have that "chat for change" - the short conversation that may just put someone on the first step to better health and wellbeing. The skills based course offers an opportunity to develop participants’ client-centered skills for changing behaviour and making every contact count in their work and opportunistic role. Although this is not a course that offers all the information and messages relevant to health & wellbeing, there is the opportunity to find out more about our 'bolt-on' courses, which are designed to fill knowledge gaps around specific topic areas such as substance misuse, mental health, domestic abuse, and money management, etc.

Learning outcomes:

1. Enable people to address issues related to health and wellbeing

2. Enable individuals to put their choices for optimising their lifestyle behaviours into action

3. Enable individuals to maintain lifestyle behaviour changes

Public Health Portsmouth's Training course brochure can be downloaded here:

Public Health Portsmouth brochure 2015-16

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