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Up2U: Creating Healthy Relationships is a programme for people who use domestically abusive behaviours in their intimate partner relationships. It is an assessment lead intervention programme which responds to individual need, risk and responsivity, providing tailored packages to suit the needs of the individual.

The programme recognises that people use domestically abusive behaviours for different reasons, including - power and control; learned behaviour; attitudes which promote male dominance; lack of emotional management skills and poor conflict resolution skills. Therefore, motivational interviewing techniques are used in a personalised programme to address the needs of the individual.

Partners and ex-partners are also offered support through the programme and Up2U will refer them to the Early Intervention Project (EIP) to receive safety planning and risk management advice.

Eligibility for the Programme -

Up2U: Creating Healthy Relationships is only available to residents of Portsmouth. In order to be accepted onto Up2U, a person must accept that they use abusive or unhealthy behaviours in their relationships and demonstrate a want to change. In cases where sexual abuse or stalking is the primary form of domestic abuse, Up2U is not the appropriate programme; staff will advise where this is the case.

As long as the above criterion is met, Up2U will accept both males and females, from the age of 16, including those who use abusive behaviours in same sex relationships. In addition, if it is identified and evidenced that both members of a couple use unhealthy and abusive behaviours then a referral can be made to Up2U for both individuals. Each will be assessed individually and the programme pathway will be tailored to their individual needs, however please note they will not be worked with as a couple.

Download an UP2U referral form

Phone: 023 92437608

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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