Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

As of 1 November 2015, public authorities including the police and local authorities are required to notify the government where they have reasonable grounds to believe that a person may be a victim of slavery or human trafficking.

In all cases relating to suspected child trafficking, it will be necessary for notification to be given to the government through the use of the established National Referral Mechanism (NRM) pathway. Please visit the Govenment Publications website for the correct forms to refer an individual for assesment and support.

In relation to children the guidance states:

Notification of child victims

Although the duty to notify applies to both children and adults, as children do not need to consent to enter the NRM, specified public authorities agencies should generally complete a full NRM referral, rather than a notification. This enables fuller information gathering and assessment of the case to be completed.

In relation to those not covered by the duty it states:

Voluntary notifications by agencies not covered by the duty

Organisations, including non-governmental organisations, are also encouraged to put forward notifications where they encounter a potential victim of modern slavery who cannot enter the NRM. The process and policy above should also be followed by such organisations wishing to make voluntary notifications.

Home Office Guidance can be downloaded here.

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