Is This Love?

Healthy relationships include feeling safe, being good friends, listening and communicating well with each other, having fun, trusting each other, having the freedom to do your own thing, having time to see your friends and family and knowing that your opinions are respected and valued by your partner. 

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship.

Possessive and controlling behaviour is not part of a healthy relationship.

Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse are not a part of a healthy relationship and if you experience any of these you should talk to someone and get help. No one deserves to be treated like this.

If you partner calls you names, threatens you, humiliates you, blames you or insults you -you are not in a healthy relationship. This is a toxic relationship and is bad for both of you.

If you partner puts you down, ignores you or trys to control you or put you under pressure you both need to get help. Check the health of your relationship with our quick quiz below.......

Do you...

  • feel safe

  • feel listened to and valued

  • trust each other

  • have the freedom to do your own thing

  • have time to see your family and friends

  • know that your opinions are respected

If you answered yes to the questions above it is a sign that your relationship is healthy.

If you answered no to any of these we recommend that you talk to a trusted friend, family member or a professional and let them know what kind of things you are experiencing. Everyone deserves to be loved for themselves and shouldn’t have to do anything they don’t want to do in order to be loved.

Under 13? - Call  Childline on  0800 1111

Over 13?  - Call   Vickie on  023 9268 8472

Worried about your safety - Always call - 999

Emotional Abuse includes: 

Name calling, threats, humiliation, putting you down, stopping you seeing your friends and or family/ putting you under pressure and trying to control you.

Sexual Abuse includes: 

Pressuring you into any kind of sexual behaviour. Taking sexual photos of you and sharing those phone online, by text  or showing them to other people. Forcing you to look at pornography or offering you to someone else for sex. None of this is OK. Get help.

Physical abuse includes:

Someone hurting you. That could be hitting, slapping, punching, pinching or kicking you. It could include scalding or burning you to pulling your hair out. If someone makes you swallow something that hurts or makes you ill, including giving you medicine when you are not ill or do not need it, that’s also physical abuse. 

Get help

If any of these things are happening to you, you might think it is your fault. It isn’t. No-one has the right to abuse you. There are people who care and can help. Speak to a teacher, trusted family member or friend or if you are aged 13 or over we have a service for you.

You can call Vickie on 02392 688472 for confidential advice and support.
If you are under 13 please contact Childline on 0800 1111
If you are in danger ALWAYS call 999

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