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Our aim: To make Portsmouth a place where we reduce the harm caused by domestic violence and domestic abuse by providing better support and enforcement services that will encourage more people to recognise when their relationship is unhealthy and make changes, or come forward earlier to report this and other hidden crime.

We are raising awareness about possessive and controlling behaviour being domestic abuse, through our 'Is This Love?' campaign. We have services to support those who are in abusive relationships, survivors and also services to work with perpetrators to stop the cycle of domestic violence and abuse.

Hidden violence and abuse is crime or behaviour where people who experience it are less likely to report it - whether it be to the police or other agencies. This may be because of fear of repercussions, previous bad experience, not thinking it is worth it or a variety of other reasons. We believe the only way to truly tackle hidden violence and abuse is through effective partnership working. In Portsmouth we use the following.



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