Anti Social Behaviour

Anti Social Behaviour

Case Studies

Noise_60506035.jpgMr Jones played loud music during the day that disturbed his neighbour Mrs Smith. 

Mrs Smith decided to report the noise to the Council by ringing the City Help Desk on 023 9283 4167.  They registered her complaint and forwarded it to the Environment and Public Protection Service - Pollution Control Team who have responsibility for investigating all complaints relating to neighbour noise. 

The Pollution Control Team made contact with Mr Jones warning him of the consequences of playing loud music as they know that this formal contact usually quickly resolves these type of problems. 

On this occasion the noise however continued after 10 days of the complaint being received so the Pollution Control Team provided Mrs Smith with a reactive service which enabled her to contact them when the noise was occurring, so that they could witness the music, collect evidence and implement legal action. 

Loud music continued to be a problem, this time at night, so Mrs Smith contacted the Pollution Control Team who attended and heard the noise.  They then took legal action against Mr Jones, serving him with a Noise Abatement Notice which required him to stop playing loud music. 

Despite taking this legal action Mr Jones was foolish enough to continue play his music loudly.  The Pollution Control Officers heard this and then seized all his noise making equipment, including his ipods, his stereo, and his very valuable collection of records. 

During his appearance in court for breaching the Noise Abatement Notice Mr Jones received a large fine, found out that his equipment had been permanently confiscated and was given a Criminal Record. 

Mr Jones hasn't played loud music since.  

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