Prevent Training Catalogue

The Prevent Training Catalogue

What is the purpose of the Prevent training catalogue?

The catalogue has been produced by the Home Office to highlight some of the publically accessible Prevent related training courses that may assist those who work in the institutions covered by the requirements of the Prevent Duty. Some products within this catalogue are available free of charge. Others may incur costs and these costs are specified in the course overview.

How can the Prevent training catalogue be accessed?

The e-learning will be publically accessible by visiting

Is this a comprehensive list of all Prevent and radicalisation related training courses?

No. There are a range of other courses that are also available that may not be included in this catalogue that you may also wish to consider. Some of these may have broader aims, for example the teaching of critical thinking skills to students. Some well-known courses are not currently publically available and therefore do not feature in this catalogue.

Can other Prevent related courses be included in the catalogue?

The Home Office aims to produce a catalogue of this kind periodically and will review this list of courses contained within it. We will consider the usefulness of this catalogue before deciding whether further editions of this catalogue are helpful.

Are all the courses within the catalogue accredited and/or approved by Government?

No. The introduction to the catalogue makes it clear that while the Home Office has made reasonable endeavours to assess the suitability of the training providers, courses and material, it accepts no liability in connection with these courses. Except as expressly provided, nothing in this catalogue is intended to, or shall be deemed to, establish any partnership, affiliation, association or joint venture between the Home Office or any of the organisations listed, constitute any listed organisation as an agent of the Home Office, or authorise any listed organisation to make or enter into any commitments for or on behalf of the Home Office.

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