Police and Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are responsible for overseeing how crime is tackled in their area and aim to make sure the police are providing a good service. They act as a link between the police and the communities they serve.

PCCs have oversight of police strategy and budget, with a focus on providing value for money. They are required to present and deliver a police and crime plan, which sets out local priorities. In addition, a central part of their role is to appoint a Chief Constable, hold them to account and dismiss them if necessary.

As a member of the public, you can contact your PCC about:

  • How your area is policed
  • The police budget
  • The amount of Council Tax charged for the police
  • The information you get about what local police are doing

What is their link to the Safer Portsmouth Partnership?

PCCs are required by legislation to have regard for the priorities of the responsible authorities which make up the local Community Safer Partnerships (CSPs). In Portsmouth the CSP is called the Safer Portsmouth Partnership. CSPs are made up of the responsible authorities who operate in the area. In Portsmouth there are five responsible authorities that make up the SPP; the Police, Fire Service, Council, Probation and Clinical Commissioning Group.

The SPPs responsibilities towards the PCC include:

  • To have regard to the police and crime objectives set out in the PCCs police and crime plan
  • Share their partnership plans and community safety agreements with the PCC
  • Attend meetings called by the PCC if they are affected by the issues being discussed to assist in the formulation and implementation of strategies relating to their area


The Current Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight

Michael Lane was elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in May 2016 after standing as the Conservative candidate. For information about his plans and policies, please go to -


Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Panels hold Police and Crime Commissioners to account in each area. The panels are made up of representatives from local authorities that are policed by that force. In Hampshire these representatives come from the local authority areas of Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and Hampshire County Council (HCC); including the 11 borough and district authorities within HCC. In addition, in Hampshire there are two non-political members of the panel to add to the collective spread of experience and knowledge.

The panel meets formally around four times a year where they make recommendations on the various activity of the PCC. The powers they hold include:

  • Requiring a PCC to attend the panel
  • To review the draft police and crime plan
  • To scrutinise the PCCs annual report
  • To review and veto the PCCs proposed Council Tax precept level
  • To review the PCC if they are charged with a 2 year imprisonable offence and report them to the IPCC; however they cannot remove them
  • To confirm the appointment of Chief Constables, including a veto power
  • To appoint an acting PCC if required

To find out more about the Hampshire panel, please go to - http://www3.hants.gov.uk/hampshire-pcp.htm

Proposed Changes with the Fire Service

Under new measures proposed in the Policing and Crime Bill, PCCs could take on responsibility for Fire and Rescue Services as well as retaining their current role with the police. The plans aim to encourage joint-working between emergency services.

The proposal would see PCCs given the power to appoint a single chief officer to take day-today control of the two services. Both current Chief Constables and Chief Fire Officers would be eligible to apply for this new post. Under this new Chief Officer would sit a Deputy Chief Constable would lead police activity and a Senior Fire Officer would lead fire operations.

Complaints procedure

To complain about your PCC, you can contact the local police and crime panel. Contact details can be found below:

Phone: 01962 847 336

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Write to: Katie Benton, Scrutiny Officer, Democratic and Member Services, Corporate Services Department, Hampshire County Council, the Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UJ

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