Our Research

How research influences our plans

Every year the Safer Portsmouth Partnership undertakes a strategic assessment of crime and anti-social behaviour in Portsmouth.

This detailed research document provides a summary of all the research relating to crime and anti-social behaviour and helps the partnership to set and revise it's plans.

The research we carry out in the strategic assessment helps us:

  • Check the Partnership's current priorities and identifying any emerging issues
  • Provide a better understanding of local issues and community concerns
  • Provide knowledge of what is driving the problems to help identify appropriate responses

In March 2016 we carried out a Community Safety survey which can be found here: Community Safety Survey

We interviewed 1245 residents of Portsmouth and found that:

Fear of crime has reduced since the 2014 survey. Respondents reporting that they were not fearful of crime increased by almost 10 percentage points (from 31% in 2014 to 40% in 2016). Reductions in fear have been seen for most types of crime except for being mugged / robbed, which increased by 6.8 percentage points compared with 2014 (from 17% to 24%).

  • 24% were afraid of being mugged : 1.5% of those interviewed had been
  • 13% were afraid of being assaulted : 3.5% of those interviewed had been
  • 27% were afraid of being burgled : 1.8% of those interviewed had been

More information can be found in the  Community Safety Survey .

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