Information Sharing Framework

Portsmouth has a long history of partnership working to deliver joined-up services to improve outcomes for our citizens, employees and employers.

Good partnership working requires effective, structured and appropriate sharing of information between agencies. Information sharing is important for;

  • Ensuring effective cross-agency service delivery to improve the safety and outcomes for individuals, families and communities
  • Allowing commissioners and decision-makers to understand trends and patterns of activity
  • Enabling effective response to emergencies and disasters
  • Preventing and detecting crime, apprehending and prosecuting offenders, protecting life and property and preserve order
  • Exercising duties or responsibilities arising from common or statute law.

The Information Sharing Framework sets out the information sharing requirements which need to be in place when sharing personal information so that agencies can work effectively together.

The good practice recommendations in the Framework will help organisations collect and share personal data in a way that complies with the law, is fair, transparent and in line with the rights and expectations of the people whose data is being shared.

The overarching Information Sharing Framework will ‘sit on top’ of the necessary Specific Information Sharing Agreements.

Why Do We Need The Framework?

In the past, several partner agencies have developed information sharing agreements around themes (such as community safety, children’s services etc) and to support individual pieces of joint work. Some of the work has suffered in the absence of any overarching broad Information Sharing Framework which provides the basis for more detailed sharing arrangements.

The Framework seeks to provide:

  • Commitment to compliance with the law, good practice and the justifiable sharing of information for the delivery of public services
  • Clarity on definitions
  • Clarity on responsibilities
  • Clear summaries of the legislation
  • Examples of good and effective practice
  • A means of complying with the latest Government vision for “No decision about me, without me”
  • An agreed suite of exemplar documentation – notably, a framework for Specific Information Sharing Protocols or Agreements.

The Development of the Framework

The idea for a single overarching Framework emerged throughout the roll-out of key projects that were heavily dependent on good information sharing, for example the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, the Portsmouth Children’s Hub, the Families with Multiple Problems commissioning review.

The Information Governance Leads (or equivalent) from the agencies listed below were brought together to develop the Framework through a series of meetings in late 2011 and 2012. The group was strongly influenced by the work in Coventry which was shared with the group.

The agencies which have 'signed-up' to the Framework are:

  • Portsmouth City Council
  • NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Solent NHS Trust
  • Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Hampshire Constabulary.

The University of Portsmouth, JobCentre Plus and Hampshire Fire and Rescue were also involved in drawing up the original Framework.

Other agencies are welcome to 'sign-up' to the Framework. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

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