Domestic Abuse training

The Safer Portsmouth Partnership offer a Domestic Abuse course for those professionals working with members of the public or those at risk of domestic abuse.

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Please note that this course is free but failure to attend will result in a £50 charge to your department if you give less than two days’ notice

This course was developed after the Council undertook a city-wide review of domestic abuse provision and is designed to support practitioners to identify and respond to a disclosure of Domestic Abuse.

One in four women and one in six men experience domestic abuse over their lifetimes resulting in significant costs to all services. In Portsmouth there were 4500 incidents of domestic abuse reported to the police in 2011, the City’s 2011/12 strategic assessment identified that up to 28% of recorded violent crime is related to Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse is the top recorded parental issue for contacts made to Children’s Social Care.

Domestic abuse is the only common issue for every community safety partnership across Hampshire and the IOW and the new Police and Crime Commissioner has identified domestic abuse as one of his top priorities.

The domestic abuse commissioning review found that a “Co-ordinated community Response to Domestic Violence” was needed to tackle the issue. This includes:

  • Each agency to be aware of their roles and responsibilities to survivors of domestic abuse
  • Raise awareness of domestic abuse through publicity campaigns
  • Ensure front-line staff can identify and respond to domestic abuse
  • Improve training for practitioners
  • Create capacity to increase resources for all survivors of domestic abuse

And this course has been designed in response to this.

Learning outcomes

  • To define what domestic abuse is and who it affects
  • To define and recognise the signs and indicators of domestic abuse (including Honour Based violence & Forced Marriage)
  • To recognise risk factors and how an abusive relationship develops
  • To practice asking, listening and responding to those experiencing domestic abuse
  • To state your role and responsibilities in dealing with a disclosure of domestic abuse
  • To identify your own values, judgments and anxieties which could impact on the way you work

Upcoming Dates

We have courses running on the following dates:

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Monday 23 July 2018
Wednesday 5 September 2018
Wednesday 28 November 2018
Wednesday 30 January 2019
Wednesday 13 March 2019