Do you know what's down there?


Stay safe this summer and help to prevent injuries and deaths by avoiding tombstoning (jumping off high levels into the sea).

Did you know? Since 2004 the Coastguard has dealt with over 200 incidents, with 70 injuries and 20 deaths. Of those injured the youngest was 12 and the oldest was 45.

Why is it dangerous?

Don't let alcohol, drugs or peer pressure affect your judgement, you don't know what is down there and how shallow the water could be, resulting in serious injury or death. Other factors you should consider are:

  • Submerged objects like rocks may not be visible; they can cause serious injury if you jump onto them
  • The shock of cold water may make it difficult to swim
  • Strong currents can rapidly sweep people away
  • Children may be watching and copy your actions

What are we doing about it?

Community Wardens will be working closely with Police and partner agencies to help prevent injury through tombstoning.

How can you help us?

Please right-click on the image and save as a poster. You can share with friends and ask that it is put in notices boards in your school/ workplace.

Don't be the next headline…

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency provides fatality and injury statistics, so please read and share to prevent others from jumping. This also has a survivor case study and link to the high impact radio filler on the dangers of tombstoning:

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents also provide some useful information:

If you have any concerns about tombstoning, please call 101 to help us to build up a picture of tombstoning activity in the city. 

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