Is a dispute making your life miserable or wish you could say sorry? Restorative Justice can help.

What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative justice gives victims and the person who has caused them harm the opportunity to communicate and together find a resolution. A 'restorative justice facilitator' will work with everyone involved throughout the process, giving support where needed, and making sure it is safe and effective.

Why does it work?

85% of victims who have taken part have been satisfied with the process. In addition there has been a 14% reduction in re-offending after restorative justice[1].

It puts the victim at the heart of the process and gives them a voice, whilst those who have caused the harm are held to account for their actions. Overall it finds positive solutions to crime and conflict.

For the victim, it gives -

  • The opportunity to explain how they have been affected by the incident
  • The chance to ask questions - why me?
  • Put the incident behind them
  • The chance to ask for meaningful reparation - i.e. an apology, financial reparation or ask them to contribute to the community through volunteering

For the person who caused the harm, it offers -

  • The opportunity to describe what happened 
  • The chance to repair the harm they caused
  • The motivation to stop acting in a negative way and change their behaviour

It also provides the opportunity where appropriate to address any reasons behind why the incident has occurred. Referrals can be made to a variety of services and activities to help solve any underlying issues. Diversionary services available on 'get help' pages.

Financially using restorative justice saves the taxpayer money. A seven year research programme found that for every £1 spent on restorative approaches, £8 of savings was made[2].

Who is it for? - Everyone

Restorative justice is not just used in criminal matters, it is about dealing with conflict in a positive way and finding solutions. As long as both the victim and the person who has caused the harm agree to take part, it can be used in a variety of situations. Do you have problems with…?

  • A neighbour
  • At school
  • With friends
  • In the community
  • At work

If so restorative justice may be able to help! Just because a crime hasn't necessarily been committed, it doesn't mean harm has not been caused.

For more information on Restorative Justice please go to -

Do you think restorative justice could help you?

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[1]Justice Minister Damian Green, 'New Victim's Funding for Restorative Justice,' Press Release 19/11/2013, found at:

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