Save Dave

Everyone knows a 'Dave'. He always buys the first round. And the last. He hates seeing a drink half finished, so he'll finish it.

He's a really great guy. Everybody loves him. But what he loves is a drink. His life is getting out of control, but he can’t see it. Neither can he see the effect it’s having on those around him.

For his sake, and everybody else's, it’s time to Save Dave.

That's why our Wellbeing Service and Recovery Hub are here to SAVE DAVE. The teams provide support and a free confidential service to anyone over 16 experiencing alcohol related difficulties.  The only thing is we need Dave to contact us so we can help him.

We know people drink excessively for all sorts of reasons but we're not here to judge them. We are here to offer practical advice and support to help them reduce their drinking and get their life back on track.

You can contact our Wellbeing Service directly if you feel like you are drinking a bit too much on 023 9229 4001 about yourself, a friend or a relative.

Alternatively if you are drinking every day you can call the Recovery Hub on 023 9275 1617.  

Dave is a fictional character he could be any Tom, Dick or Harry. There are approximately 8,000 'Daves' in Portsmouth who are drinking at levels which will damage their health. Do  you know one of them?

Call us and get some help to cut down your drinking


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